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  • Bark Avenue Grooming Salon 10172 Jefferson Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70123 (504) 738-1333

    5 stars Posted on 03/09/2013 02:05pm

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    I have been bringing my 3 Chinese Crested's ChloE', Roscoe, and Luchi to Jo since the first day she opened her Salon. Because of the Speciality Breed they are it is almost impossible to find anyone who can groom them properly but Jo does a outstanding job!!!!! She ALWAYS grooms my Champion Crested Roscoe HERSELF and he looks absolutely stunning when he is finished!!! I have my Crested's groomed At least 2x per month by Jo and have never had any issues when I came to pick them up, they are always groomed to perfection, running around, playing, happy and adorable!!!

    Jo is the most personable, friendliest, kindest, caring, outgoing person I have ever met, she loves my Crested's and every dog that enters her shop!!!

    I have read some of these negative reviews on her that have been posted and I personally believe either these people are reviewing the wrong shop or someone is trying to be a bit vindictive because its quite funny they both mention the clothes she wears and also her attitude as the same!!!! In the years I have known and visited Bark Ave. I really can't describe what clothes Jo ever had on, that's not something I'm interested in when it comes to the quality of service for my precious babies!!!

    I will promise you, if you visit Bark Ave. for yourself you will see this is a First Class Operation, The Owner Jo is A Wonderful, Pleasant, Friendly, Outgoing, Person who genuinely Loves each dog brought in her Shop, and also you will be 100% Satisfied and Overjoyed by the Grooming and Pampering your Lil Babies receive while at her shop!!!!!

    I wouldn't trust any other person with My Babies except Bark Ave!!!!

    We Love You Jo!

    Love, ChloE', Roscoe, and Luchi!!!!