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  • Kool Smiles (877) 563-1995

    1 stars Posted on 03/22/2013 06:16am

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    I think kool smiles is the worst denisty buisness! its a kid factory. Kool Smiles just wants to get as many kods in and out of there!. they just want your money. they don't care about you child's name, how they feel, or what's going on! I have seen a dentist get mad at a child because she was crying, so the dentist just stop and started slamming down supplies! this is not exceptable! they arent very friendly, and they are an enconvience! after 3 visits I have seen enough! my child will never go to kool smiles ever again! I will always tell ppl how horrible Kool Smiles is! the location I was on the south side of indianapolis on east st!