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  • Alliance Cab Service 1201 Saint Bernard Ave, New Orleans, LA 70116 (504) 872-0221

    1 stars Posted on 07/07/2014 05:00pm

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    On july 6 2014 myself and my party of six from convention center. He took us to iberville suites/courtyard marriot. Upon us entering we ask to make sure he used meter. He flat out refused. He first said 5 bucks a person but we started complaining this was unfair because it was not 2 hours before an event or two hours after. He did not sign log documenting where he picked us up or dropped us off. He finally said 3 bucks a person. We had no choice. When we exited taxi I got through doors of our hotel and realized I forgot my wallet in back seat. My his and and brother ran him down and starting asking where was my wallet. He said no wallet let. This driver watched each one of get out and held the door for us all. He would not open his glove compartment which tells me it was probably in there. Within 5 minutes the taxi said he had just dropped a party if 6 off at the dome!!!!!!! He was lying. No way he could have done that and my family was able to catch him down road. I'm disgusted. I called police and they said it was going to be assigned a detective. I plan to pursue this to the end. It is unfair to visitors that they can't depend on taxi drivers to be honest. Tourism rules New Orleans but we are not treated with respect or courtesy. All I wanted was my license out of my wallet so I could fly home. He could keep 500 bucks and brand new SONY experian purchased in march. I'm hurt and appalled this company is allowed to operate. When I called company I got voice mail. The next morning I finally got someone to pick up. I explained I wanted to make a complaint about cab #1523. He argued me then hung up! No class at all. I will contact taxi bureau until justice is afforded to me and this man is punished. He stole from wrong person this time.