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  • Kids Dental Tree 1310 E Dimond Blvd Suite 3, Anchorage, AK 99515 (907) 336-7337

    5 stars Posted on 09/25/2012 11:00am

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    My girls have been patients at kids dental tree for just over 6 years. After going to several pidiactric dentist my youngest who always got into a fetal passion when going to appointments, kids pidiactric tree made her feel safe and confertable enough to get the care she so desperately needed. After hating going to the dentist, now she reminds ME that she need her teeth checked. Just the other day I told her I had found her a new dentist, she got upset and said but I don't want a new dentist. My daughter is 10 years old and is afraid of Dr's because of her past medical history, so to me it say a lot when she indicates she love going to her dentist, "kinds dental tree of anchorage".