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  • Adrian's Bakery 3570 Holiday Dr Ste 1, New Orleans, LA 70114 (504) 363-5972

    1 stars Posted on 06/17/2012 08:35am

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    Andrins is only good for the taste of there products. There service and there employees Stinks. Order a Hello Kitty cake and behind a$125. that cake should have blown me out of the water yea that's something a homemaker could have done,the cake was order and paid for a week in advance get there the cake was mot ready waited 45 mins more and the cake still was not complete, when Erin was told that we did like the cake she said well you don't have to take it. Well I know that working there is just a job for her but her type of attitude will be the reason a business will close. Spoke to Marshall she apologize and will give 25% off the next order we have gotten lots of cakes from this place and there is nothing cheap about these cakes to receive the service given much as I love them they have lost me as a customer. There are to many other good bakeries in New Orleans to choose from. It's a black own business and I have been supporting them since they open about 7 or 8 yrs. but no more I will take my business to Haydales, Swiss or any where else. Like I told Marshall 1 complaint we reach more people than a compliment will. Mr. Andrans you may need to have your people take customer services classes and other skillful classes.