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  • Taco Bell 130 Sanford Farms Shopping Ctr, Amsterdam, NY 12010 (518) 842-1312

    1 stars Posted on 04/03/2011 01:54am

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    Very bad slow srvc. Waited at drive through for 12 minutes and didn't even get an apology , I complained and was told that they had to make fish.
  • KFC 173 Market St, Amsterdam, NY 12010 (518) 842-7320

    1 stars Posted on 04/03/2011 01:51am

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    Not using gloves in back when dipping chicken. Not using net or gloves when serving either..dirty restaraunt.
  • McDonald's 158 Market St, Amsterdam, NY 12010 (518) 843-1023

    1 stars Posted on 04/03/2011 01:48am

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    Terrible customer servive, nasty management, cold food and screwed up orders. Gave them the benifit of the doubt and tried a couple of times , no reselution. When I called the district # to complain, didn't even get an apology or offfer of new meall or coupons. When returning screwed up orders, was not given an apology and got an eye roll by the manager and was told "next time food is cold just tell them to nuc it !" I said youv'e got to be kidding..bad service corporate. Really needs to evaluate this place ...not very clean either..
  • NBT Bank 106 Hannaford Plz, Amsterdam, NY 12010 (518) 842-2123

    4 stars Posted on 04/03/2011 01:40am

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    Good pleasant customer service. Good food served quickly. Reasonable prices...
  • Aspen Dental

    1 stars Posted on 04/03/2011 01:33am

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    Told me I had severe disease and needed cancer screening. After I had the exam, was told all of my teeth needed to come out or I might get sick faster and die. They said my mouth had cancer in it. Then the dentist told me to get out of the chair and go to the ddesk to get an estimate.the girl. Said I can't say exactly how much because your mouth is a mess, but around $5-6,000 .I said I can't afford that and she said oh well, even if we do a pmt. Plan, you need to put 80% down. I went to another maxillofacial surgeon who took my insurance. And he removed all. But a couple teeth and resectioned my bone and said ok. That's it you are fine. I called aspen and was told that I need to pay them around $2000 if I want dentures, I can't afford that and now feel taken for a ride. They left me at. 42 yrs.. old with no teeeth and no help. I don't know what. To do, I am reporting them to bbb and da and may get an attorney. Beware of them and go elswhere if you can, they. Are bad news !!