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  • American Taxicab & Livery 326 Broadway, Lawrence, MA 01841 (978) 682-4747

    1 stars Posted on 06/06/2013 08:36am

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    I wouldn't even give them ONE star but u HAVE to rate something!!!

    They WILL rip you off!

    They will tell you a rate before hand then when you get to your destination they will demand more money and If you don't they will call the police! They are pathetic!!

    If you're "lucky" enough too get someone that actually speaks ENGLISH!!!!!

    Thought I lived in America!?!?!?

    Theres over 20 complaints against them with the better business bureau and annopen investigation righy now because they are THIEVES!!!!!

    Please, call ANY other taxi service or better yet just WALK!!!!!!