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  • Generales & Generales Fine Jewelers 10141 Riverside Dr, Toluca Lake, CA 91602 (818) 763-9768

    1 stars Posted on 01/17/2010 04:00pm

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    went to g&g after finding it online as a nearby certified omega dealer/repair shop. my husbands omega seamaster had lost a screw in the clasp and needed a replacement. when i dropped off the watch, the owner (i think) explained that if it was just the screw replacement it would be under $20, but he wouldn't be sure until he went to the omega supplier. i was told they would call me 2 days later with an estimate. when i still hadn't heard 6 days later, i called them. they said it would be $45 plus tax which would include a clasp replacement and cleaning. i agreed to the increased price, thinking the clasp would be replaced. when i went to pick up the watch the sale girl said it would be $45.. $30 for the hardware and $15 for the labor. HOWEVER, the clasp was not replaced and only the screw had been replaced. $30 for a tiny screw?? really? so i asked the salesgirl about the inflated price and that i had understood the clasp would be replaced and that if it was only a screw it would be less than $20. she became rather sassy but feeling like i was getting ripped off, my persistence encouraged her to get the watch repairman. so then, this young man comes out talking far too loud and getting much too close to me (hello, intimidation) explaining that it costs $20 for the screw and that he will reduce the total cost to $30 but that he wont make any money on it! now, after i've just had to argue for a price close to the price i was originally estimated do you think i really care if he makes any money off it? and $15 for labor??? how long can it possibly take to insert a tiny screw into the clasp? really? sorry g&g.. poor service, dishonest staff.. not a place i want to do business with.
  • Akasha 9543 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232 (310) 845-1700

    1 stars Posted on 12/28/2009 04:00pm

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    Ok, so being a waitress for many years I have an internal checklist of what a restaurant experience should provide and Akasha was such a DISSAPOINTMENT. As avid foodies, we were looking forward to a meal there with friends. However, the hostess was snoody and the waiter was like a limp flower. Hello people!!!! If I ask for suggestions, please provide some-- do not say, 'it depends on your tastes."" Clearly he was a struggling actor and was over the restaurant gig.\r The cocktails were good. I had the tangerine margarita (MMM) and my friends had a beer and some wine (which I had to recommend). Seriously Akasha, I expect the waiter to be able to suggest the Albarino as a dry white.. sigh.. but unfortunately, the drinks took forever to arrive.\r Long wait time overlooked, we were still excited for the food. I did a couple tapas a they were tasty (the beet salad and mac and cheese). The mac and cheese is great and tastes like it could have truffle in it and is a big portion--enough to share. My husband had the pork chop and lets just say I would have been embarassed to serve such a sad looking piece of meat. It was probably 6 ounces at most and TINY. The spice rub was tasty but the brussel sprouts with bacon looked like a bad, elderly coleslaw. As far as our other diners, the meatloaf was another sad portion although it was delicious and the smashed potatoes cold, not luke warm, COLD! Australian Seabass was OK, but a little fishy. \r Sorry Akasha, I wanted to love it but your diners are smart and know when they are being taken for a ride. Next time we want dinner with an organic/sustainable edge head to Paul Martins in El Segundo where the waiters are happy, the food is plentiful and prices wont break the bank.\r