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  • Orso 737 W 5th Ave # 110, Anchorage, AK 99501 (907) 222-3232

    4 stars Posted on 11/14/2008 04:00pm

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    Things I love about this place:\r \r - you can almost always get a seat in the bar area at night and have a good meal\r - funky orange chandeliers, posters, other neat decor. Hip and understated.\r - polenta and beef tips, as well as their smoked salmon chowder = best comfort food in town\r - decent wines, good dessert wines.\r - seasonally changing menu with some local ingredients (! - a feat for Alaska) :)\r - friendly and professional waiters. There were some drunk people in there on Sat. night and they offered them to leave in such a charmingly unobtrusive, yet firm way :) Love Orso.\r \r Things I am not that into:\r \r - wild mushroom ravioli leave something to be desired. Chewy, too salty, not very flavorful \r - sometimes they are out of a particular wine, with no apologies or offer to substitute much. I think both times this happened, it was late at night, and the waitress was tired.\r \r All in all, not flawless but one of our favorite places. You actually forget it's winter outside when you are in there :D
  • Jolie Nail Spa 9000 Lake Otis Pkwy # Ste 5, Anchorage, AK 99507 (907) 677-6607

    1 stars Posted on 07/26/2008 05:00pm

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    Maybe I got a bad pedicurist on a bad day. But she was utterly distracted the whole time, not looking at my feet, chatting with her coworkers left and right. As a result, at one point, she was using a brush on my feet -- not on the soles, but on the upper part with tender skin -- and since she wasn't looking, she scraped me. My skin was red and it actually stung a bit when I put the foot back into the water. At first I thought I was imagining this, but then she started doing the same to the other foot. I asked her to be gentler and she stopped all together. At the end, when I was drying the nail polish, I noticed that one of the toes was smeared. I had to ask one of her coworkers (she'd stepped out) for some disposable flip-flops and there was a bit of a language barrier, but at least that coworker noticed the smear, redid that toenail, and finally understood about the flipflops. I wouldn't recommend this place, which is unfortunate -- it's in a convenient shopping area...
  • Ace Delivery & Moving Inc 7920 Schoon St, Anchorage, AK 99518 (907) 522-6684

    1 stars Posted on 06/23/2008 05:00pm

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    I read a bad review of Ace on another website when I already had a contract signed -- but not before Ace picked up my belongings -- so I did further research. This company is no longer accredited due to the number of complaints (12 in the past 12 months) as well as a poor record of addressing these complaints. I decided to cancel the contract. \r \r When I called Ace, they gave me a strange explanation of this -- actually, several explanations that have nothing to do with service or complaints, and then, finally, called the b b b unreliable, ""just a bunch of people walking around rating companies randomly."" This is not very professional, and confirmed my suspicion. Perhaps it would be okay, but I'd rather not risk my possessions. I would not recommend them.
  • Cynthia's Consignments 2218 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60614 (773) 248-7714

    5 stars Posted on 07/21/2005 05:00pm

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    Got my wedding dress there--a Christos gown that was circa $2500 for $1200. Am absolutely in love with the dress, and there were many others that were very, very cute. Size is a problem -- many of these weren't my size, and alterations cost me more money. Service was terrible, but I think regularly it is Cynthia herself--this time we were helped by an awful young lady who refused to pay attention for us. Nevertheless, a great value, much better than most high-end bridal salons, for the same quality. That's what I wanted. :)