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  • Vca Rose Hill Animal Hospital 13006 NE 85th St, Kirkland, WA 98033 (425) 947-8578

    3 stars Posted on 03/18/2007 05:00pm

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    My usual vet was pretty sure my kitten had developed FIP. So a friend had referred me to Rose Hill for a 2nd opinion/additional information. The doctor was very odd, arrogant and almost rude. He just walked around the room and did nothing really. Looked in my cats eyes, listened to his heart and then based his diagnosis on what he thought was going on despite the history of the cat that i had told him. I even tried to make all previous tests available to him. He treated me like I was insulting him and wouldnt really even make eye contact. He kept saying ""yep, he's a cat"" ""he's still a cat"" That should of been my first inclination to run Shame on me for having hope to save a 5 month old kitten I guess.\r He felt that a high dose steroid was going to make a dramatic difference. So $90 later I walked out with a small bottle of pills that were to have no side effects (I asked, twice) except to increase the appetite and activity of my cat. The dr then told me he would be calling in three days to check up on him to make sure the dose was showing improvement.\r \r So my 5 month old little kitten on his bed pumped full of (what i now know to be) a huge almost chemo therapy dose of steroids, just layed there with his eyes open in a dead stare, never being able to sleep or move. I would think that would be a VERY BIG side effect that I should be aware of. If that doctor really cared about my pet or my business, he would of called to check up on my kitten like he said, who three days later had died.\r \r Not because of the steroids or the doctor, but because he had FIP. I really felt this doctors arrogance sent me away with a false hope that he was going to be able to help my cat. I feel like he just took my money and I cant help but feel like i got swindled. \r \r Since then I receive cards from them with $10 coupons and invitations to events. They never once called me to check on my cat, yet all their ""promotional"" mailings are sent to him.