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  • Kissling Interests 175 North St Ste 1, Buffalo, NY 14201 (716) 882-6391

    1 stars Posted on 06/23/2012 05:00pm

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    Avoid apartment buildings owned by Kissling Interests at all costs. To call the property manager a ""complete moron"" is overly simplistic. The manager of the 175 North St building (Tamar) does not return phone calls or emails. She has little to no knowledge of the inner workings of the building. The maintenance crew are idiots. They are currently doing construction on the building, and the building is in complete disarray. It looks like a bomb went off inside the building. The construction crew is at least 6 months back from their target dates of completion. Almost everyone in the building has decided to jump ship. The laundry facility was supposed to be redone in 1 week. That was 6 weeks ago, and it's still not done! It's crazy. Even people that initially signed on to stay have decided to leave the building. Besides the construction mess, however, the people that own this property are constantly trying to nickel-and-dime the residents. One day it'll be, ""Don't use this elevator. There are cameras and you will be fined $50."" The next day it'll be, ""You need to evacuate your apartment for fumigation or you will be fined $300."" There are a million examples of this. I don't even know if this practice is legal, to be completely honest. Even the simple things, like say, having a constant temperature of water for a shower, are lost in this building. Awful. Awful. Awful. Stay as far away from these people as possible. Tell your friends and your family. Rent from another company.
  • Barandes, Martin, MD 155 E 76th St Ofc 5, New York, NY 10021 (212) 249-0622

    1 stars Posted on 01/19/2011 04:00pm

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    Despite the negative reviews of Dr. Barandes on the web, I stuck with the guy for three visits over the past year. After the last visit, however, I've decided to look for another endocrinologist. I've been concerned about the dosage of my medication on my TSH levels and my health since I was placed on levothyroxine in May of 2010. Today, after spending a good 45 seconds chatting with me, Dr. Barandes told me that I should ""find something else to worry about"" and walked out of the room. This guy is lame. Find somebody better.