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  • Skiers Pier Inc 2505 Dixie Hwy, Waterford, MI 48328 (248) 674-8800

    1 stars Posted on 09/21/2007 05:00pm

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    I have been a boating enthusiast for most of my life and love to go to boat shows. As a matter of fact, the boat that we currently have is the 7th in our family. This weekend, my wife and I went to a boat show where Skiers Pier had an exhibit. When looking at one of their boats, a salesman approached us and used sales tactics that were worthy of a plaid-sports-coat-wearing used car salesman: Telling us that the boat we bought brand new last summer was in need of an upgrade, without even asking what model we had...telling us that we bought a second rate boat...showing visible disdain when we said that we were just looking and we already had a boat...using typical hard sell, fast talk sales tactics. Overall, I'd say that my impression of this dealer's sales staff is ""sleazy"" at best. The funny thing about walking around the dealer exhibits at the Metro Beach boat show was that we told EVERY dealer that approached us that we recently purchased a boat and we were looking just for fun. All of them cheerfully and respectfully invited us aboard their boats, clearly knowing that someday, we might just end-up being a customer. We were so put off by their sales approach that we will never consider buying a boat from this dealer. This was our first time speaking with them face to face, but I did inquire about a boat over the phone in the past; we were considering a boat from this dealer last summer, but they took weeks to follow-up when they promised that it would take days.