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  • Burgh Pizza & Wing Pub 533 Washington Ave, Bridgeville, PA 15017 (412) 257-8767

    2 stars Posted on 12/13/2008 04:00pm

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    Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. I've been to Burgh's plenty of times. Pretty decent food and beer selection. HORRIBLE service! I had not been there in about six months, but my girlfriend wanted to try it out, since it had been a while since we were there. The waitress was a piece of white trash who could not get an order right and had no manners. I received my food before my gf's salad - how does that happen. Then the salad shows up with no dressing. She acted as if it was our fault for there being no dressing.I don't think it was the kitchen screwing up. She never asked if we needed another drink until we were ready to leave.\r \r This is not the first time I was unhappy with the service. I specifically pointed out before going there that the thing that kills Burghs is they have a horrible staff of white trash, that seem extremely uneducated and poor manners. I would not recommend this place to sit in and eat. Stick to take out.
  • Pittsburgh Steak Company 1924 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203 (412) 381-5505

    1 stars Posted on 12/13/2008 04:00pm

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    This place is a mockery of a Steakhouse. I've been to plenty of places for steak and none of them register as bad as this one. I seriously spent $70 on appetizers, glass of wine, NY strip, and filet mignon. This place should be embarrassed to call themselves a ""steak house"". I've had much better steak at Outback. I'm not recommending Outback either. I'd try Pittsburgh Rare or some other restaurant featuring steak. The steak was bland, dry, and tough. The wine was lousy and so were the salads that came with it. Plain and simple the food sucked. People that rate this place high, obviously have never had a good steak. I make better steaks at home. Bottom line this place is vastly overrated, not worth the money, and I will never return.