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  • Checker Cabs 3001 Conti St, New Orleans, LA 70119 (504) 486-9967

    1 stars Posted on 09/30/2010 05:00pm

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    I am a New Yorker. I pretty much understand how sometimes city centers are crowded. pretty much of life I spent on travelling. and this is not the first time I am in a great city of New Orleans. But this case of terrible service by taxi company of Checker Cab, #725 with the very rude and unproffesional driver made me not to use Checker Cab's service anymore. The thing is when I asked the driver to slow down, he started with cursing at me and telling me about the conditions of his stay in this country. He said that he is a legal person in this country and he is about to do whatever he wants with his car. From his sayings I understood that he became the resident of new orleans recently, and from his manner of speaking that was somehow empowering him while talking with customers. I would like say that I have nothing against foreign people, it is just the behaviour of that driver made me think that Checker Cab company is not able to hire proper employees who can provide acceptable service\r \r Bob Wilson (visitor)