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  • City Tavern 138 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106 (215) 413-1443

    1 stars Posted on 03/26/2008 05:00pm

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    The romantic atmosphere implied in this restaurant's description was completely misleading. We went there for an anniversary dinner as a couple new to Philadelphia, but we were sat in the basement next to the kitchen in a table that made us feel like we were in a glaringly bright boiler room. Our waiter tried very hard, but sweat was literally pouring down his face -- appetizing! As we sat there feeling a little duped, the curtain fell as we started to notice tiny things like the plastic beer mugs, the fact our table was a folding picnic relic, and that the food was inedible. Neither of us could bring ourselves to have more than a few bites of the undercooked turkey pot-pie or the greasy wiener schitzel (both custom-priced for over-eager and gullible tourists). The only redeemable part of the experience was the beer itself which was brewed according to a presidential recipe. Every time we walk by City Tavern we are reminded of that laughably ""romantic"" dinner and how much we needed to put our experience into writing here.