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  • Cameras Unllmited 641 Wade Hampton Blvd, Greenville, SC 29609

    1 stars Posted on 03/07/2012 04:00pm

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    I'm a photographer in Greenville, SC. see my work here: flickr /lindsaycurganphotography facebook /lindsaycurganphotography I recently bought a soft box online from B&H Photo Video [online store] and decided to buy a light stand from a local store to see if I would save on shipping. I first visited Wolf Camera and apparently neither of their stores sell individual light stands--So, they directed me to the only other camera shop in Greenville [Cameras Unlimited]. I called this store and here is the warm welcoming I got: Me: Hi, I was wondering if you sell light stands individually? Owner: Yes. We have them. Me: Well, do you have a variety or more than one that I could maybe look at? Owner: I think we only have one. Me: Oh, well can you make sure, or do you know what brand it is? Owner: No. I don't know. Me: Would it be possible for you to find out for me? **Owner: Why is it important?!** Me: I guess I would just like to know what I'll be getting. It turned out to be a brand that I'd never heard of after all of my research on camera equipment. So, due to the disgusting attitude I received and less than average equipment I opted not to even go to the store. He was not friendly and not helpful at all. I only wanted to know what kind of light stand[s] he was carrying in his store so that I could do some proper research before spending my money. His attitude was very unnecessary. I continued to just be polite anyway, because what's the point in arguing? So, I told him thank you and goodbye. I will never try visiting or contacting his store again now that I know it's so unwelcoming. I'm now purchasing my stand from Amazon [online store] which has the same exact name brand stand that I've heard so many great things about. Since Amazon has a pricing formula based on what other people are selling their products for, I ALWAYS have gotten any equipment I've purchased for cheaper than anywhere else. Good priced, low/no shipping charges, user-friendly, *lots of reviews* [very helpful for making sure you get what you want & pay for]. If you're looking for good equipment and no hassle then you should go to either B&H Photo Video or Amazon. Both sites have great reviews [which help a lot]. With B&H Photo Video you can even send them a message online and they are super friendly, helpful and quick to respond. Hopefully this review will help others avoid dealing with the unappreciative/unwelcoming attitude of the Cameras Unlimited store owner. Good luck on your product & equipment journeys! :]