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  • Toscana European Day Spa 231 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116 (617) 424-1234

    1 stars Posted on 11/12/2010 04:00pm

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    I visited Toscana with a friend to celebrate our birthdays in mid-November and we would not return again. They seemed very disorganized, as though we were walk-in customers that they weren't expecting, even though we both had appointments for facials, manicures and pedicures. They stood around for awhile discussing who was going to do each service for us while we sat there and listened to them and their confusing conversation. They finally took my friend for a facial while I sat there for 45 minutes waiting for the only manicurist they had that day to finish with another customer.\r \r Unbelievable, while I sat there, one of the women that works there sat down on a stool and waxed her arms in front of me and another customer. She then walked over and put her hands down in the sample jars of moisturizing creme and rubbed it all over her arms and hands, never bothering to wash her hands before dipping into the jars. It was very gross to watch and unsanitary to say the least. She then proceeded to make herself a cup of tea, drink it, wash the cup in the bathroom sink, dry it with the towel she had used for the waxing and put the cup back out on the ccounter for customers to use. It was just disgusting. the spa area was dirty and unorganized with boxes sitting around on the floor and dirty towels in the pedicure sinks.\r \r To top it off, the credit card machine was broken so after being there for 3.5 hours, we had to scramble to find a cash machine to pay them. While the spa services provided were acceptable, our overall impression is that the place is poorly run, unsanitary and not veer client-centric. Don't waste your money or time at this spa.