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  • Huber's Cafe 411 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97204 (503) 228-5686

    2 stars Posted on 05/14/2012 05:00pm

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    Yes, I did honor this reservation -THIS WAS MOTHER'S DAY\r The server was Sanderson Table 84/11-outside.\r I made a reservation with 'Open Table'. I requested ADA seating preference as my Mother is mobility, vision and hearing impaired, thus the dining room was my preference. The hostess had no record of the requested seating nor I think of the reservation at all! As she proceeded to sit us in the bar area. I told her this was 'unacceptable' as it was too loud for my mother to hear or talk. The hostess proceeded to sit us outside on the sidewalk in the heat and the sun. She didn't even ask if this was OK, or if we'd like to wait or comeback for a table in the dinning room.\r \r The food server took our beverage order and never brought them. We had to remind her after the appetizers came. She said the ticket was gone and thought they had been served, however she could clearly see they weren't on the table. The beverages still took a while to arrive. \r \r After the main course arrived my niece requested salt and pepper. Again the server never brought it until after a second reminder. I was halfway through my dinner and my niece asked about my coleslaw that I never received. By the time it was brought, I had already finished my dinner and had the server give it to me to go.\r \r Additionally, I used the restroom and there was no toilet paper and had to use a toilet seat cover instead of toilet paper.\r \r No offer was made to reduce the bill or a coupon/discount upon another return.\r The comment card wasn't included with the check nor was there one on the table. However, I had picked up one inside the restaurant. I will be mailing it.\r \r Here is how I 'graded the performance':\r D-HOSTESS FRIENDLINESS/EFFICIENCY: She didn't acknowledge my reservation-Nor did she ask or say that we'd be sitting outside on the sidewalk after I told her that sitting in the bar area was 'unacceptable'. Nor did she apologize for sitting us out there.\r D-FOOD SERVER FRIENDLINESS/EFFICIENCY: SHE WAS NOT EFFICIENT AT ALL! Not noticing that our beverages had not arrived nor noticing that the coleslaw wasn't included or had arrived before my dinner was not efficient! \r F-SPEED OF SERVICE: There was no speed of service for the beverages or salt pepper requested.\r A-QUALITY OF FOOD: IT WAS GOOD!\r B-OVERALL VALUE: IT WAS GOOD TO FAIR-I ALMOST WAS TEMPTED TO NOT TO LEAVE A TIP! HOWEVER, I THINK I TIPPED MORE THAN WHAT WAS FAIR FOR THE SERVICE RECEIVED. I ALMOST WROTE ON THE RECEIPT FOR THE TIP TO ONLY GO TO THE CHIEF AND/OR BUS PERSONS.\r F-ATMOSPHERE & CLEANLINESS: NONE- WE SAT OUTSIDE!\r WILLINGNESS TO RECOMMEND: UNDECIDED\r WAS THIS MY FIRST VISIT? YES\r \r 5-16-12 Today I received a personal apology from the owner James Louie-who assured me he talked with his staff on the issues. Addtionally, he treated me to lunch with a nice sandwhich of my choice with coleslaw and a soft drink. Also gave me a $50 gift certificate to return at another time.
  • Dennis' 7 Dees Landscaping 7355 SE Johnson Creek Blvd, Portland, OR 97206 (503) 777-7777

    2 stars Posted on 08/02/2009 05:00pm

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    On 8/3/09 at about 8:45a.m. I was at the Safeway in St. Johns, sitting in my car parked in a Handicap slot. The maintenance crew in truck YUN 681 pulled right next to my car to trim a tree. I then felt and heard a bump against my rear passenger door of my 'Brand New Car-2010 Toyota"", (that has only 160 miles on it). I looked back to see what it was. One of the crew members was leaning against the rear door. I got his attention and told him to get away from my car. I noticed he had a utility belt on with tools attached to it. He did say he was sorry. I proceeded first to move my car to another slot. Then, I went into Safeway and made a complaint to the store manager. Additionally, I've called and left a message with a supervisor (Steve) and spoke to a manager (Mike).\r I know your company has a great reputation and was shocked to see such total disregard to personal property-vehicles especially in a public place. What I don't understand is why the crew didn't go to another tree where there wasn't a car parked (as there was one available). Or wait until I was done at the store and had moved my car away from the tree.\r I believe this employee should be severely reprimanded if not fired/suspended and the other crew members receive additional training on working around vehicles/personal property. It gives the impression the crew is reckless, careless and unprofessional while on the job. I truly, believe the crew member's didn't see me sitting in the car and possibly could have damaged my car had I not noticed. This should not be tolerated!