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  • VCA Redmond Animal Hospital 17980 NE Union Hill Rd, Redmond, WA 98052 (425) 947-8344

    1 stars Posted on 10/12/2011 05:00pm

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    I have been having my pets treated at Redmond Animal hospital for over 20+ years.\r \r Up to recently I have received pretty good quality care at reasonable rates.\r \r When they went over to VCA I noticed a marked degradation in the quality of the work that they perform, vis-a-vis the fees that they charge (that is, they were performing the same quality of work, albeit at much more inflaged prices). \r \r I have yet to see the same vet twice and have had to re-introduce my pets to them each time I took one in.\r After returning from an extended business trip I took my pets in to have them checked over. Nothing special, mind me, but just the normal check-outs, vacinations, etc.\r \r This bills came to around $2000 to have my three pets examined (these were normal exams mind you).\r \r The vet seemed to be more engrossed about what sort of services that she could tack on vs what would a reasonable owner do to monitor the situation.\r She actually had a calculator in her exam coat that she could whip out in order to add up the charges for procedures that she wanted to 'push'. That was a real turn-off.\r \r What finally broke the camel's back was the fact that she wanted to charge almost $400 to perform some dental work on my young dog. This was on top of an exam fee of $350+ exam fee for just seeing the dog. I left there that afternoon some $780 dollars poorer.\r \r The next day I took the dog into another (non-VCA) vet who did the same basic exam (for $20) and came up with a cost estimate one-third of what Redmond Animal Hospital wanted to charge.\r \r The bottom line is that the level of service provided by Redmond Aimal Hospital is on par with the services offered by other animal clinics in this locality. \r \r But the level of charges which they have are way, way out of line with the quality of services that you receive. I would avoid a VCA animal at all costs. After 20 years of patronizing their establishment I am sorry to say that I will not be going back there again.\r