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  • Eurasian Auto Repair & Collision 11234 Gordon Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216 (210) 490-6552

    1 stars Posted on 08/08/2010 05:00pm

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    I called them up coz I needed an auto repair shop for my Nissan Quest. I'm new here in San Antonio and doesn't know any auto shop yet.\r

    The guy who answered the phone said THEY DON'T TAKE ANY CUSTOMER WHO WAS NOT REFERRED BY THEIR CURRENT CUSTOMERS! NEW CUSTOMERS NEED REFERRALS.....What is this a private club? This reminded me of my health insurance who always need referrals. lol This suck because they should put on their advertisement all these conditions so customers won't even bother wasting their time calling. \r

    THIS TELLS ME THEY DESCRIMINATE CUSTOMERS!.... Now I know why they have good reviews from these people, they're part of the club so they have to bec others who are not will tell the truth!