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  • Howren Music 4209 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28209 (704) 525-5073

    2 stars Posted on 09/04/2006 05:00pm

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    On June 11, I brought a mandolin that I purchase on my honeymoon in Hawaii to Howren to have rusted keys repaired. I also ordered a hard case. Almost three months later, I have initiated every call to check the status, and the repair is yet to be complete. I was told that the keys would be filed, and when the case came in I could take them both together. However, I called to check the status, and the repair was not done. After a month, I dropped in to find that the repair was supposedly finished (no phone call). I examined the keys, and they were still rusted...just less so. So I left it, and after calling a couple more times, they finally tell me that the rust cannot be removed and the keys must be replaced.\r \r I called another repair shop nearby without telling them my history with Howren's. I asked if the rust could be filed, and they said typically not. Why didn't Howren tell me the same?\r \r I am very unhappy both with the lack of care in repairing my mandolin as well as the lack of contact they have had with me. I hope to retrieve my mandolin and pay nothing for the little bit of work that was done. In fact, I would rather not pay for the case they ordered as I don't want them to receive profit off the case.\r \r That was one of my first experiences with Howren...and my last!