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  • Alta View Animal Hospital 690 Showers Dr, Mountain View, CA 94040 (650) 948-1021

    5 stars Posted on 03/28/2012 05:00pm

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    This is by far the best vet I have ever been to. Me and my gf took our yorkie here for a check up b/c she is a picky eater we wanted to make sure she was OK. Let me start off by saying that the doc was extremely informative. He took time and was in no rush. He is a ln extremely nice guy. The staff is extremely nice and helpful. We even got a tour around the entire facility which offers everything from boarding to grooming and surgery. I deffenitely recommend this veterinary. We will be coming back very soon. I am never taking my dog to petsmart again where I wait hours to see a vet who rushes through everything.