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  • Iron & Silk Personal Fitness 155 E 3rd St, New York, NY 10009 (212) 686-0680

    5 stars Posted on 10/05/2008 05:00pm

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    There is no need for you to look any further for an ULTIMATE GYM experience, really. Even if you don?t like working out you will inevitably learn to love to work out. IRON & SILK is a gym mecca for individuals who want to get in shape, stay in shape, and/or improve on their current workout regimen. The vibe of the gym is hip and chic and if you are a self-proclaimed ?germaphobe,? it is one of the CLEANEST gyms that I have ever worked out in AND you will see that they primarily use GREEN products (cleaning, shampoo, etc.). Moreover, the trainers are EXTREMELY knowledgeable and have a vested interest in helping you succeed. Your trainer will work with you to devise a workout plan, as well as a REALISTIC meal plan, tailored just for you!! Be prepared, however, you will work hard, but you will CERTAINLY be proud of yourself and will see the result you want. One of the things that set Iron & Silk apart from any other gym is the fact that the individuals who work here, either training clients or instructing organized classes, are athletes who have competed or currently compete in various national athletic competitions (i.e., Tae Kwon Do, bodybuilding, etc.) ? they truly are PROFESSIONALS. Iron & Silk receives a five diamond rating in my book! Are you still reading? If so, what are you waiting for? GET A MOVE ON and go down to the East Village and join the Iron & Silk community. You certainly don?t want to be left out and you will love everything about this East Village gem of a gym.