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  • Zone Manhattan 406 W 13th St, New York, NY 10014 (866) 961-9663

    1 stars Posted on 07/02/2011 05:00pm

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    First, please notice that while the average rating for Zone Manhattan is high, over 20% of reviewers give it 2 stars or less as of the time of my writing this review!. The food itself is elegantly presented and fresh. Many meals are very good, but that's where the quality ends. Several menu items that I specifically excluded from my diet when I signed up for 10 days were included in my meals. Some of the meals, while they looked beautiful, were sub par. For example, the beautifully sliced steak was so chewy, it was inedible - no exaggeration - it was physically impossible to chew it enough so that it could be comfortably swallowed! Here's the BIG problem: I called the office over 10 times during my 10 days on the plan to discuss my dissatisfaction. I never got in touch with anyone who could help me. I spoke a few times with a low level employee who assured me I would get a call from someone who could respond to my complaints. I never got an answer! I also emailed the company five times and again - no response. And because they require several days notice, I couldn't even cancel! Reader, before signing up with the program, think how FRUSTRATED and IMPOTENT you will feel if you have any problem whatsoever and never get a response from the company.