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  • Lai-Thai Restaurant 120 Park Ln Suite B, Kirkland, WA 98033 (425) 296-3393

    5 stars Posted on 01/24/2011 04:00pm

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    I'm writing to you to tell you how much we have enjoyed the Tai Lai Restaurant in downtown Kirkland. We've been loyal customers since the restaurant opened almost eight years ago. There are many reasons we continue to chose Tai Lai as a favorite eating establishment for our family and friends, and also, when my husband and I want a friendly, serene and enjoyable meal alone. First, we began visiting the restaurant when my daughter, a local artist, had her first baby. My daughter would worked part-time at the art cooperative nearby and my husband and I would take baby Maizie into Tai Lai for lunch or dinner. Always, we were welcomed whether with infants, children or elders such as my mother who visits annually from the San Francisco Bay area. So, a warm welcoming staff and environment is a plus with Tai Lai. Also, the food is consistently enjoyable and we appreciate the attentiveness of staff as they deliver to our table entrees we do not know how to prepare ourselves--spicey dishes comprised of delicious peppers, cilantro and coconut milk. Or, desserts of warm sticky rice with mango or papaya salad drizzled with lime juice. And an array of noodle and vegetable dishes that arrive sizzling to our table. We also enjoy eating outdoors in the sidewalk area devoted to summer weather dining as we sip Thai iced tea and listen to birds and leaves rustle in the tall trees that shade the lane. The owner and staff are such a positive group that sometimes we just want to stop by for a light snack so that we can say hello to the people we've come to consider as friends. The people are friendly, the food is fun and the environment is casual and we love it! Denise Calvetti Michaels and Kirk Michaels