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    5 stars Posted on 02/10/2012 04:00pm

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    This is my first online review ever and it is all because Zina is amazing. The last time I used citysearch was when I found Zina 3 years ago. Since meeting Zina, no one else has touched my face. I have occasional breakouts and she is knowledgeable, caring, and does NOT miss a spot when she performs extraction. There is only a minimal amount of redness after each deep extraction (very very important when you have to work the next day). In addition to our routine facials, Zina took special care of my face right before my big day. Even the makeup artist complimented on how easy it was to apply makeup for me. I definitely enjoy and relax at every session. Im already worried about what I would do if I move to another city without Zina, thats the attachment I have!! Because this is where I found Zina, I decided to give back and share my experience with all of you. Dont think I need to say more about why you need to book an appointment with Zina to improve your skin =)