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i had the most horrible experience at this costco yesterday. i walked in with my uniformed service dog, and the woman carding people at the door stopped me saying that dogs aren't allowed. i told her that he's a licensed service dog and yes, he should be allowed. so she calls for her manager on the intercom, and was very rude in handling the entire situation. she was yelling, panicking, etc. all the while didn't even bother to card the next set of people who passed by, maybe over 50 people. her attention was just focused and dead set on not admitting me and my service dog entry to the store. customarily, people who are properly trained at their job, if they're wondering about the dog would: a) see if he's in uniform b) ask and read "papers" supplied by the owner. c) check for the license tags on the dog's collar to make sure they correspond to the paperwork this woman didn't know any of this, and didn't even bother to try and be diplomatic. her supervisor eventually came, and when i complained of the rude treatment, i was told that the woman normally talks in that loud voice, and there's nothing that could be done about that. wow, i heard her talking in a normal voice all the way in the beginning, why couldn't she keep that up? my main complain in how badly the whole thing was handled. i've had my service dog go everywhere with me, to other countries even, and this is the very first time we were treated this rudely. that is my complain, the unprofessional behavior of the woman, and her supervisor. i still shopped at Costco though, spent over $400 as a matter of fact. one thing i thought i was excited to find, was: Three Dog Bakery Entree for Dogs (wet food in pouches) it seemed like a good deal, specially when the packaging touted: -made from 100% human-quality ingredients, but formulated specifically for dogs -fortified with human-quality vitamins and minerals -no meals, no by-products, no fillers -no wheat gluten -no artificial preservatives -no artificial flavors, colors or additives -no added salt -no water added -made in a USDA-Inspected Plant. only checking a dog related website today, when i found out that this dog food is less than ideal, because an ingredient in it: Menadione Sodium Bisfulate Complex, which can cause: -cytotoxicity in liver cells -causes formation of radicals from enzymes of leucocytes, with the consequence of cytotoxic reactions -considerably weakens the immune system -possible mutagenic effects -damages the natural vitamin K cycle -has no effect on coumarin derivatives, which are often present in commercial food due to mold contamination (toxic when ingested) -causes hemolytic anemia and hyperbilirubinemia, not just linked to large doses -disturbs the level of calcium ions (Ca2+) in the body, which is an important factor fibrinolysis -is directly toxic in high doses (vomiting, albuminuria), unlike natural vitamin K -builds up in tissue and has been detected in eggs, meat and milk of animals supplemented with menadione derivatives -causes irritation of skin and mucous membranes -causes allergic reactions and eczema oh, and btw, the supervisor made remarks to me saying the door lady and i just had a miscommunication problem -- citing my RACIAL ETHNICITY. there was absolutely no miscommunication. this company can have a serious lawsuit on their hands if i was the suing type. that said, consider this happening to you when you go to this Costco, specially if you aren't 100% Caucasian. that's it, i give up. i seriously don't want to shop here any longer.

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