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I have trained at Bay Mountain Martial Arts since April 2007. Adrian���s approach to training differs from other instructors under whom I have studied in that he trains you to develop both your physical skill set and your knowledge base in the art of Wing Tsun. Unlike other instructors, he will take the time to explain the principles and the application of the skills he teaches. Adrian trains you to properly apply martial skills in real-life self-defense situations when you have exhausted all non-violent options. This is about being able to walk away with yourself intact and the criminal who attempted to assault you incapacitated on the ground, not flowery, 15-movement, high-kicking techniques, since a real street fight lasts only seconds just enough to either lose your life or preserve it. Adrian trains you so that you want to become more proficient in your skills because he wants you to continue learning. This is not a school where the senior students teach all the classes and the instructor watches the latest television programs in the lobby. The instructor and all students, from the instructor���s most senior pupil to the newest recruit, will touch hands and train together in an atmosphere of respect, with each student learning from one another no matter their skill level. This school is not about tournament point-sparring, mindless brawling or UFC/MMA-type fighting. There are plenty of other facilities deliriously happy to empty your wallet for that purpose alone. Leave the extended Shaw Brothers action sequences and high-wire camera trickery where they belong ��� on the movie screen. Do not come to this school expecting to train strictly form or to practice punching and kicking air endlessly. Do come to the school if you want to truly learn about an art that is alive and constantly evolving and how to properly apply its fighting principles from a most knowledgeable full-time instructor. I highly recommend the school.

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