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I am so glad i joined Bay Mountain Martial Arts all of their instructors have exceptional skills in their arts. I signed up for the H.I.I.T. self defense which helped me lose 15 pounds and i learned alot of great mental and physical skills i truly am amazed by Sihing Adrian's teaching style, you could say he is very energetic and his very passionate for what he teaches he is a true doer. His combination of technical fighting skills and understanding of the human body is amazing he encourages and most of the time demands that you ask questions about what you are doing so you may better understand The "How" It works. he always talks about martial arts in a way that you can understand it. I recently also just started Wing Tsun Kung Fu this style is so amazing, it is not meant for sport but for real life i have taken jujitsu and judo when i was younger and rolling on the floor is great but you cant do that on the cement and also why would you want to roll on the floor with someone who is trying to do you bodily harm this is not a game we are talking about. Wing Tsun is definetly not a sport style! For you men and women out their that are truly interested in a pure Self Defense style I would Say that Wing Tsun the style for you. you dont need previous experience but all the instructors will help you to learn how your body works. Wing Tsun classes are taught in a collegial atmosphere its not like a gym mentality school where they just train bullies. we are all here to understand what self preservation is in a violent situation. At the center of Wing Tsun training stands a unique and variable technique that must be learned through concentrated practice and conscious, purposeful engagement with a partner. the movement is fluent explosive and lots of fun . again i recommend this school to everyone i meet it truly has changed my life for the POSITIVE!!!

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