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DISGUSTING!!!!! Third time in less than 2 months I go to the BREAD SHELVES and it is a NIGHTMARE!!: portions almost empty, Brands all mixed up, NO PRICING in most of the sections AND BREAD OUTDATED!!! There is a lady name PAT who happens to be in charge of the department and I think she feels more like THE QUEEN OF THE LOAF!!!! two weeks ago I asked for the person responsable for such a mess and then she came over and told me the usual "DON'T WORRY I'LL TAKE CARE OF THIS"........REALLY??? Today I went back again and the situation was even worst! there were 2other upset customers already looking for prices then I called Mrs. PAT again and she came with the same excuse and the same ONE LINER: "I WILL TAKE CARE OF IT"and she even told me that THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE PRICES!!! I asked for the price of an especific brand and she told me not to be upset because the price was on the tag then she pulled one and when try to read the tag, THERE WAS NO PRICE ON IT!!! then she walked away for about 15 minutes and came back to tell me what the price was. THEN I READ IT AND I NOTICED THAT IT WAS AN OUTDATED BREAD!!! I then asked for the manager and and they sent this guy who insisted that THE PRICE WAS RIGHT but didn't realize that it was about ONE WEEK OUTDATED!!!. I don't beleave how such an important company as PUBLIX could keep employees like those ones and in charge of FOOD that we the customers buy and eat and also could get sick eating old food. I told Mrs PAT that there were lots of people outhere looking for her position and she looked at me like if I was a bug ready to be squashed!! And to top the unconfortable situation the mayority of the employees keep talking in Creole and it ads more fuel to the whole bad experience! WHAT HAPPENED WITH "PUBLIX, WHERE CHOPPING IS A PLEASURE?????.

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