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I was greeted by a great smile from the hostess and sat in a section with a nice gentleman who was very patient with our questions, since we were new customers with a coupon. We were very impressed with the prices and decided to try the buffet. We loved the buffet. Half way through the meal, my mom decided to go to the buffet to have more of her favorite things. While I was waiting at the table I heard loud yelling. I quickly turned around and saw that it was coming from a female server at the buffet. She was screaming at a couple, telling them that the buffet was not what they had ordered and that it was $10.99. I immediately noticed that they couple was Native Alaskans. I know that the stereotype for “Natives” is that they are drunks. I wondered if they were drunk, but thought that the server was handling the situation completely unprofessional. As I watched the situation I was able to see the man’s reaction. He very quietly said, “You do not have to yell at me, I know that the buffet costs more, and I have money.” The couple filled up their plates and went back down and sat at their seats. When the server went to the back, she was still yelling. I heard things like, “You know how those people ar!.” I could not believe it because everyone who was eating could hear her. She came stomping out of the kitchen with a bill and told the man (once again loud enough for everyone to hear), “you need to pay your bill before you can continue to eat here.” The man just silently took out a stack of hundred dollar bills and handed her one. I have NEVER in my life seen something like this. I was so disgusted that I asked my server to talk to a manager because I wanted to make sure that he or she was aware of how this server had treated guests. My server came back out and said that the manager was on a business call and could not come out to talk. Once again, a first, I have never had a problem talking to a manager in a restaurant. They are normally out on the floor already, checking on tables. I was completely irritated with what I saw. My mom left in tears for the couple. It is just completely unacceptable to treat people this way.

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