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Unfortunately, I cannot send my cat friends here. Despite earnest effort and desire, these folks have no cat experience at all which can be life threatening to cats. I think they bought the trappings of a defunct cat boarding business that started in 1996 and put it in their garage but do not have the expertise to run it safely. No way this business in its current incarnation has been around for 15 yrs - no way - and it is the direct experience with cats that counts here. Cats are not fuzzy dogs - if something goes south with a cat it is serious & needs immedaite action. Based on what I was told and the comparison to other very good kennels in town, I was expecting much more and should have delayed my trip or taken the cat with me when I noticed how stuffy the room was and how cluttered. The prices are much too high compared to other cat kennels; other places have windows in areas 100% dedicated to the kennel with a choice of wet and dry foods, treats (only 1 or 2 /day), toys and other things to make cats happy while their people travel - including air conditioning! Plus the high prices requires you bring your own food! Unheard of - I was waiting to be told to bring my own litter too. Although my kitty got "lots of attention" etc, I don't think fresh water was given 2-3 times a day as required. When I picked her up, she was panting & her coat looked "greasy". This cat has never panted before that I've observed & I've had her since birth. Usually, after staying other places, she is happy to see me and looks bright eyed and bushy tailed but not this time. She started wailing in the car and then vomited in the car before I even pulled away & could only pass a few drops of urine at home. It took a trip to the vet, a bag of saline, and three days for her to pass stool again and more than a week for full recovery. This cat could have died under these conditions and these people seem to be completely unaware of just how seriously sick my cat was. They made no mention of reduced urine or stool output or vomiting which other kennels report immediately - in fact, the other kennels I've used report how many and the quality of stool & urine because they know what to look for. I am so angry w/myself for endangering my kitty like this and for spending so much more money for the boarding and then the vet bill when I should have just cancelled the trip when I saw the facility. In the future, I will take my cat with me before I would leave her at this place again. They are not bad people by any means, just dog people in way, way, way over their heads. They need to get their very own cats (male and female of all ages) for about 10+ yrs and then go into business or one of them needs to go to a vet tech program. Sorry but this is my experience & my first review on anything.

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