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I have been going to Larry since May now for my tattoos, I love every single one of them. On the other hand the owner of the place Joe is not the most friendly person that I've ever met or the cleanest. The shop is filthy just flat out filthy, disgusting, foul.There have been multiple occasions where I have said something to Larry about how dirty it is and that I can't stand to be there. It is so bad there have been a couple times I've thought about cleaning it myself. It is very unsanitary how dusty the floors are and all the stuff that is just laying in the corners of shop or up against the walls. There is no need whatsoever for that place to be that dirty. Do not even get me started on the bathroom, every time I tried to wait as long as possible but the times that I did use the restroom I felt that I needed a shower as soon as I walked out. The bathroom is so repulsive they might as well just not have one. Also joe likes to turn every conversation into himself, religion, or his pathetic relationship.He shares very personal stories with his clients about his relationship that should not be shared with others, it's private. He is also very "religious" I on the other hand am not religious at all and I DO NOT appreciate someone trying to push their religion on me or down my throat, I politely asked him if we could talk about something else but every time it just got turned right back around to religion I ended up getting up and walking out. I have a friend that has gotten two tattoos by Joe not one of them turned out right, he now goes to Larry as well. Joe no longer talks to this friend of mine because he goes to Larry which is wrong. Joe does what he wants with the tattoos not what the client is asking for and thats not the first time that I have encountered someone who said Joe changed their tattoo. Joe is a very judmental person who I have seen first hand turn down clients just because he said they didnt "look right" to him. I have been there a million times and talked to Joe but he still continues to call me 7 different names and not one of them being correct. He is very uncomfortable to be around. From the first time I ever stepped foot into the shop I was uncomfortable around him and I still feel that way to this day. He is a very wishy washy person who needs to make a change and make it soon. As the owner he needs to be more responsible and clean and worry about what others think of his place. Larry is an amazing artist and I WILL be following him wherever it is he goes. P.s. he is very nice to look at!

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