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I happen to know ""weasel1"" (the 5 star reviewer) is actualy Noah Lacona's SON Jim who spends all his time either golfing or yelling at the waitresses.\r \r Noah is 80+ years old, he no longer gives any bonuses, paid holiday time, if you need maternity time your fired, he is OPENLY ra cist and will not hire you or will fire you if you are:\r 1. To tall\r 2. Black (Mexicans are okay only in the kitchen)\r 3. To fat, etc.\r We have one worker there who he thinks is too old and he is so mean to her, he tells everyone he is trying to make her quit. I used to work there and I quit because of hostile working conditions & sexual harrasment. One of the little jokes he likes to do is block the younger waitresses in the hallways or stairs and demand a kiss or they can not get through.. ooohhh this made me so mad! How does this affect the food at Noah's? angry staff and cooks under cook the food, drop it on the floor and put it back on the plates, smash the roa ches and throw them at each other jokingly, do not wash hands after bringing garbage out to the cans, etc. There are many die hard lovers of Noah's and thats because of the nostalgia, the name, the reputation, etc.... Noah's Ark is not now what it used to be. It has gone downhill. next time you go, look carefully, he hires people who are in and out of jail, have jail tattoos all over, staple the hems on their 1950s style dresses, etc. The condtions are filthy and dangerous. \r \r IMPORTANT: Last year an older gentlemen with an air tank and his wife were eating there and he suddenly started coughing up blo od, it was like a horror movie, blo od all over the table. turns out there was glass in the bread and it was lodged in his throat, what was Noahs executive decision? he ordered the manager to throw all the bread away and discard the glass that the man had coughed up. real nice. don't belive me? just ask some of the staff there.\r \r

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