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All of the reviews here are true and I know this because I worked there and they really only care about the money. I was the only one there who would really help customers resolve the issues. If you ever talk to Ami, I heard him tell customers to and hang up on them. I usually intercepted the calls to stop the consistent harrassment and the customer was usually in tears. The owner has been told of this more than once but refuses to believe it, he's in denial. I was hearing from various sources the owners were upsaet that I was going above and beyond to helpl customers. The staff there was telling elderly people to get up on a chair and knock the smoke detector down? We could send out a handy man for as little as 45$ but they would prefer to badger the customer than fix the issue. And the GE units the were using were so difficult for the customers to program so I switched them out for the better units, Linear. GE has since thrown in the towel on PERS units. I am so sorry for all the bad unacceptable practices there, the owners son, is much more caring but has little or no real control. And they cover up all the real issues internally, the person who was put in charge was a known drug user. When I was there ALL of the customers where taken care of at a level they will never see again or ever seen priior to me. It's a great business, but they are more concerned about the revenue than the patient/customer. And they have no shame in forcing people to continue their contracts, I was your only hope, and that got made me lose the job. They do not care about anything but the $$$$$. I hope this helps you make an inteligent decision, they are all similiar but some cost less than others. They dont have a clue how to handle customer issues, thats why they sent them all to me.

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