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Avoid this nuthouse! Sheer Incompetence - including the mgt. As a gift for her birthday, I booked several services given other reviews here. The first issue was when we tried to enter Macys from the garage at 9:30 am for a 9:45 appt. No one told us that Macy's does not open until 10am, nor did they tell another woman waiting to enter Macy's for her 9:30 appt. So she was late already. I noticed employees entering a side door at street level. So we entered there also. Since we arrived early for our appt, we were still on time. When I mentioned our issue to the receptionists, they said ""we probably should have told you that"". (I guess). So I again reminded the staff that it was my wife's birthday and this was a surprise gift for her. They asked us to have a seat as the person scheduled to perform the services had not arrived as yet. Now.... their website specifically states that ""customers' should be on time so no others have to wait"". Again we arrived 5 minutes early. At 10:10 (25 minutes late, the staff member arrived. They called her 3 times on the phone (in front of us). We should have left then. After she argued with the receptionists about not being notified of the appt. she went in to do the first scheduled service (pedicure), again 25 minutes late. After finishing, she took my wife to the next station for ""Spa Manicure"". She was interrupted for several minutes as someone came by to ask what she wanted to order for lunch. She then started the manicure. About 10 minutes into it another person came by and ""scolded"" her for ""stealing"" her customer (my wife). This caused our person to become visibly upset and she left her station and began crying - leaving my wife alone. She returned and was interrupted again by someone else who then stated she was scheduled do my wife's facial. At that point, the staff person still rattled stated she would only be a few minutes more!!! (Remember, she had just started the manicure) now she began to rush it. She then left my wife alone again telling to keep her nails under the dryer. My wife was now completing the service herself. Several minutes later, she walked past and my wife asked if she was done...since her nails were not done and (already chipping!) She took a quick look at them and told her to dry them again! After several more minutes, she returned to take my to get her facial done. When they went to that station, that staff member was now angry and sarcastically stated ""she did not have the time now to do the facial"". At that point, my wife was visible upset and was pretty much fed-up with the sheer level of incompetence. So she went to the receptionist who said she was sorry and stated this was not normally how they treat customers........(I would not bet on that). Then, asked my wife to pay for these 2 services!!!!! She had enough and so she paid. (They were quite fortunate that I was not present at that time). She then told my wife that when she rescheduled her facial, they would give her a discount. dumb was that? Really? As if we would ever return. So, if you folks want to be treated as incompetently as my wife was (on her Birthday), feel free to schedule your services with these dimwits. We were also told that the manager was aware of what was occurring but chose to ignore it by two other staff members who were ""hawking"" their services in Macys that we ran into later that day.... That really should tell you folks reading this all you need to know about this many other women do you think my wife has told about her experience - alot. Since I teach workshops across this region to very large groups including at universities. Anyone want to guess which organization I am currently ""targeting"" in these presentations? My advice -avoid ""Premier"" Their name is even an oxymoron!!!

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