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We have been clients of St Francis for 4 years now. They have taken care of our two Golden Retrievers, having shown a caring attitude towards them, as well as answering all our questions about their care, and treating the oldest’s ailments with knowledge and expertise. Our impression of them changed when our oldest Golden passed away very recently. When my husband picked up the remains, he was handed the container over the counter, in the lobby full of people, with no privacy, just as if they were handing him a box full of medications. A doctor came out to the lobby to attend to another patient, and upon realizing what was going on, just by chance, gave my husband her condolences. There was no concerted effort to ensure privacy, to allow for grieving, to show empathy, to offer condolences. Everything was haphazard and careless. Picking up a pet's remains, a dear friend and companion, is another stab of pain after the loss. The proper procedure is to bring the owner into a private room where the remains are presented in a dignified way, proper condolences are given, and the owner is left to grieve for as long as necessary, in solitude. Our daughter, after losing her Miniature Pinscher, was given this respectful treatment by a caring cremation service. We should expect nothing less from a Vet Clinic. How lucky you were, Elwardo, that your pets were treated with the dignity and respect they deserved upon their passing. Since then, the staff at St Francis have probably gotten too busy, or did not regard our Golden important to them. To add insult to injury, we were charged for not only the cremation charges, which we were expecting, but for the full diagnostic and resuscitation fees. He passed away while in their care, after my husband brought him in after finding him lethargic and not wanting to eat. After doing blood work and X-Rays, he went into severe cardiac failure and could not be resuscitated. We are not blaming them for his death, not at all, since we are aware they did everything they could for him, but the compassionate thing to do would have been to waive those charges, or at least cut them in half, in view of the fact that he died on their examining table. This would not have bankrupted them, but it would have shown empathy towards our pain. I guess greed and a lack of sensitivity took over instead. We will be changing vets after this. We cannot think of setting foot in that office after the uncaring and insensitive way our beloved Golden was treated.

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