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User Rating: 1 out of 5 stars by The honest truth! 07/19/2011 This place is nothing more than a dump. I guess landscaping is considered good when they come once a month to mow the grass....people that own small pets beware you will lose your pet in the jungle the management considers "great landscaping" Also the new flowers and new sign add a nice touch but there were many things that were needed way beyond and nice sign and nice flowers, how about fixing the steps that are rotting leading up to the majority of the buildings, or how about putting down rock salt when it snows and ices in the winter....if you are an older person or pregnant do not move here, you are expected to put down your own rock salt on the stairs and in the parking lot. Oh and don't expect to get things fixed in a timely manner...especially air conditioning, there are leaks in the lines but they are too costly to fix so they just dump more and more freon in them when you call to complain that they aren't working. And as for the pool, so many things I can say about that, I wouldn't let my dog swim in that pool much less my kid, they never drain the water, so the geese and ducks enjoy a nice swim and a nice poop in the same water your children, friends and family are enjoying a nice swim in, of course I guess this is considered ok too since they probabaly just poor extra chemicals in it to make it seem a little more santiary. Oh and lets not forget that this summer the wonderful new management decided to make residents purchase a pool pass to enjoy the nasty pool, granted the pass for residents is only $1 but last time I checked that $1 should be included in the price paid for rent to live in this dump, and then of course if you would like to bring a friend that will be a charge of $10. And you better pay if not the nasty "pool monitor" will come and ask you to leave when you and your children are just trying to have a good time after a hard day at work! I would personally love to know how this place is concerned a "great" place to live? I wonder how many people got super high power bills this month because of the lack of ability to fix all the broken ac units or how many people were outraged when they went without water for hours and hours and hours about a month ago when the city had to do some repairs but the apartment management was notified at 3pm that day that the city would be turning off the water, that would mean that management had 2 hours to at least be kind enough to let the residents know that they weren't going to have water so that other arrangements could be made if need be. I feel sorry for those that woke up the following morning to shower and get ready for work to discover that they still had no water those that came home that evening to cook dinner for their family and discovered that they had no water. Just would've been nice for management to let everyone know, I would say it doesn't take that long to type up a little note and print it then post it on everyone's doors, they seem to find the time to do this with their cheesy monthly flyers! I would not refer anyone to this place. You should actually get the $200 referral bonus for being honest with people and telling them to run and never look back! I will agree it is cheap but I would rather pay more money and live somewhere that is nice, the grass is mowed more than once a month, the parking lot is safe for me to walk through in the winter months, somewhere that I don't have to worry about falling through the stairs because they are rotted and somewhere that appreciates the rent that I already pay enough to allow me to use the pool for free!!! DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! TRUST ME YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!!

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