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Big Jon loads everything up for us even when we tell him we dont have the funds to tip him. When he drops us off and he sees usually red cab parking near him or near us and he sees a person with tons of grocerys having waited forever for a cab and than the cabby just sits there while the person in the last case a man puts his own grocerys in big Jon wants to just go over there and help the man put his grocerys in someone elses cab. The really sad part is first the cabby probably charged that guy and you while watching you guys load your stuff.Big Jon would have told you to leave everything to him and to go sit in the cab. Thats what he tells me. When I tell him I dont have the funds to tip him that day he either says " I dont care about that" or " That dont bother me none".If I say I want to help he says no, he has a system,to get in the cab and relax or to stay out and keep him company but loading is his job. He doesnt start the meter til after you are loaded up and he calls in your destination.The really sad part is big Jon works for blue bird but I was told blue bird and red cab are the exact same company,same phone number,same dispatcher etc,just diffferent collared cabs. Big Jon is giving blue bird an excellent reputation while the red cab drivers give red cab a rotten reputation. When big Jon was sick and on vacction we too used other blue bird drivers,rest assured they are just as lazy as the red cab drivers,so its not the company that makes the buisness but the driver. Next time hire big Jon from blue bird,you wont lift a finger. We told big Jon about some of the drivers we had while he was gone and their lack of service. He said " you didnt tip him did you"? I did cause the guy gave me a soab story and I felt sorry for him. You tip for service,when there is no service,there should be no tip.Call 828-258-8331 and ask for big Jon to pick you up.Tell him the family who refuses to ride with any one other than the best sent you. Big Jon believes loading and unloding and sometimes oppening the cab door or resturant or similar door for you is part of a cabbys customer service and is in the job description.He also believes its just common courtesy and common sense to help a customer and yes all cabbys work for the customer so from your start to your end point the customer is the cabbys boss and the cabby should treat the customer like he would treat his boss. Jt,if youre reading this, would big Jon get in trouble if he saw some other cabby not helping his customer and big Jon was waiting for us anyway and got out to help the other cabbys customer load the other cab? I think he should start doing it.Big Jon I think it would be great if you shouwed other customers your customer service even while they are riding in a different cab. I know either you or your fam are reading this,so please relay.Big Jon and fam started reading all the bluebird,red cab and other taxi reviews to see what customers like and dont like and to see how he can improve his already outstanding customer serivice.

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