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Brother Wolf may be perfectly nice when you go there to adopt, but take an animal back and they treat you like the lowest of the low -- worse than scum, as if you are someone who beats animals and throws them out for fun. I adopted a cat through BW that I had for a year. Needless to say, I spent that entire year trying my best to make this cat happy. She repeatedly peed and defecated on my things, out of spite. I don't care if it's believable to anyone, I lived with that cat for a year and she was a huge you-know-what that I just couldn't please. When I was finally at my wit's end (after she'd soaked yet another bath mat in pee and left a giant pile of crap despite a clean litter box), I brought her back to the shelter. They were rude, condescending, inconsiderate, and downright cruel. They told me I didn't care about my cat, when I was already crying about having to give her up. Despite my donation of toys and money, I was treated like a horrible person. I know these people see humans carelessly abandon animals every day, but that doesn't mean that everyone is a criminal. Circumstances change, and sometimes an animal is not right for a household -- or vice versa. There is no excuse for the cruelty I experienced that day, and I have talked to several people about it who also loved their animals and also were treated like filth. I only wish I had told that woman what a raging such-and-such she was, instead of just crying.

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