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We call a cab about 2am. We're only going a couple of miles to 46th and Keystone. We didn't know the exact address, but how hard is it to find 46th and Keystone, especially if you're driving a cab? We had called Yellow Cab the previous night and they never showed up so we called Prompt Cab even after reading the horrible reviews. We were taking bets as to whether or not they would show. To our surprise, he showed. We get in the cab and he wants the exact address to punch into his GPS. At least, I think that's what he was asking in his extremely broken english. My friend tells him which way to leave the subdivision, he goes the opposite way. This dude takes so many turns and obviously has no idea where we are going. He gets us so lost that my friend, who has lived in Indy for years, didn't even know where were at. The entire trip, he was screwing with his GPS literally typing in "46th and Keystone", playing with his Iphone getting directions for his next fare all while driving. He was getting frustrated because the calls kept coming in for taxis and he had no clue where we were at. He even pulled into a dark parking lot once to fiddle with his GPS. My friend thought he was setting us up to rob us because he kept speaking to people in a foreign language on the phone. At one point, we were on a two lane road with double yellow lines and he passed the car in front of us. The cab ride was almost $25 for one that should have cost $15 round trip. We ended up having him drop us off and having our friends give us a ride back because we didn't think that we'd ever get home. All of this to get to a p o r n shop. DO NOT CALL PROMPT CAB UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO GET INTO A VEHICLE WITH SOMEONE HASN'T A CLUE. I'd give them zero stars if possible

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