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I've lived in Portland for 5 years and have never been to Huber's. A lot of my friends have come here for years, saying it was a great place to meet up, have drinks, enjoy good happy hour food, and Spanish coffee. After the Kevin Hart comedy show on Saturday, January 8th, my wife and I along with 4 of my friends decided to come here to get some late night happy hour and they especially wanted to take me here because I had never been here. We get here and everything is cool. 3 of my friends order Spanish coffee and the guy comes by and puts on a spectacular show in making these drinks. I can tell he had been here for years. My friends tipped him well and he was on his way. As we sat there, enjoying our drinks the waitress comes by and tells us that they are about to close the kitchen so if we want to order we need to let her know. We all said ok. About 2 or 3 minutes later she comes back and we are ready to order. We all order food, I ordered the cheeseburger...simple enough. Another friend of mine ordered the same thing, along with the beef skewers, the quesadillas and something else that escapes me at the moment. As we're sitting there having conversations about the hilarious show we had just seen, she comes back with our entrees, with everything looking pretty good. I get my burger, and my wife starts eating some of my fries. She says that they taste kind of ""old"". I grab a couple and start eating them. The fries tasted like old cold mcdonalds fries ( anyone who has had old mcdonalds fries knows how horrible these fries must have been...and i haven't had mickie d's in over 6 years at LEAST ). So I asked my friend if I could taste one of his fries to see if we got the same caliber of fries. His fries were delicious. So before I dug into my burger, I told my friends, ""I know the kitchen is closing so they may have shut everything off, but I'm not sure. Let me ask the waitress if the kitchen will make me some more fries because my fries aren't that good. If the kitchen is closed, I won't worry about it and I'll just eat my burger."" So I call the waitress over and we start talking about how the fries aren't good and if the kitchen was still open could they fire up some fries before they shut down. No attitude, no nothing. It was a simple question. She told me and I quote, ""It's a 2 dollar burger. What did you expect. If you want me to take the burger back I can."" I said, ""The burger looks fine but the fries are old. I was just wondering if the kitchen was open, I just want a new batch of fries."" She says, ""If you don't want the burger, I can just take it away."" I said,....""Take the burger."" 3 things wrong with waitress. 1.) You never talk down to a customer like they should expect CRAP food because it was 2 dollars. She said it like I ought to be thankful. 2.) Listen first before you open your mouth. All she had to say was the kitchen is closed, I'm sorry. I wouldn't eaten my food, paid my bill, left a tip, and been on my merry way. 3.) Attitude is everything. If you don't like your job, working in the food business, you should quit. You interact with people all day long. Customer service is a key part of any job. This place is lucky to have loyal customers because the bridge has been burned for me. I'm never going back. It's not worth my time. Of course I left no tip and my friends didn't either. One of my friends said, ""Is it possible to leave a negative tip."" And get this, my friends felt so bad that my experience was just plain terrible ( and my waitress was so stupid) that my friend who had the cheeseburger cut his in half and offered it to me After saying don't worry about it, I'm fine...I just took it and said thanks. The burger was phenomenal, especially for 2 bucks. All of that ruined by the service I received. I hope your experience will be better, but I won't be back...ever.

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