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Aside from the million other horrible reviews, I have my own Trugreen story! This past spring the place we live started services with Trugreen, coincidentally our dog began having problems with his skin, mainly his paws. They would be raw and bleeding! We tried everything, even antibiotics when it became infected! We changed his food, thinking it might be an allergy to that. He constantly would itch, lick, chew.. despite the benedryl and steroids we had to give him! Our vet was stumped and so were we. We spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars trying to get him better. We ran into a neighbor who noticed his paws in passing and asked us what was wrong. She explained her dog had been having the same problems, which did lead both of us to suspect Trugreen since both dogs were having issues. We've battled this for 6 months now, with little to no relief for him. Like I said, we suspected Trugreen very early on but since they swear its not harmful, I thought surely not. Recently my dog had surgery and was away from home for a few days.. His paws were better when he came home! 3 days of being here and his paws were back to the same shape they were in before. Only it was just 3 of them... The paw he had surgery on wasn't red or bothering him! Why?! Because he had been holding it up when he walked because he couldn't put pressure on it. I got to thinking, Trugreen had just come! Well I know they say you aren't suppose to walk on it til it's dry(which by the way they are suppose to put up signs saying that but they haven't done that once!) anyway, we have never walked him on the grass while it was still wet! And I've started walking him outside of our property and not letting him touch the treated grass. Guess who's paws are better! No redness, bleeding, itching, nothing! Also, my parents dog's paws have been doing the same thing and Trugreen WAS treating their lawn... Not anymore! And this isn't a random allergy specific to one dog, 3 dogs close to me have been affected by this crap so they cant say its just something hes allergic to. And it cost us so much money just to TRY to treat the symptoms. Whatever the heck they are using is causing big problem Think twice before you use Trugreen. My poor dog nearly chewed his feet off!

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