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This is an awesome Ministry! About the comments left below I think people should do their research before they put their mouth on the man of God. First off lets recognize the immaturity in Matthew because Jesus did not do what your doing either ( your heart is not right). Secondly, Bishop Ben Gibert was the top designer for crysler before he left his position at chrysler he was a millionaire and lived in big houses before he became a pator or bishop. He graduate from Stanford university and GMI (general motors institute).He hold a Bachelors in engineering and a Masters I believe in business. So therefore money has never been a thing for the Bishop right now he owns lots of property and investments so he does not need the churches money! Thirdly, it a shame that this man said his church is unemployed that's not true either, he has many millionaires that attend the church I know because i'm friends with them! The owner of Vision IT is a member and the Wayne County road commisioner to name of few! I did not pay for my bishops house and I am one of the members at the church who is not working by choice but when I was on hard times my bishop has given me and my husband money plenty of times and i'm not just talking about 100 dollars. This man of God has brought people in his congregation houses, and cars every year they give away a home and since i've been their God has been giveing me financial increase left and right because my Bishop taught me the A,B,C,s of faith and how to walk in integrity and Godly character! This man is anointed oh by the way the 2012 town and country everybody's riding around in he designed that! So he not about getting the churches money he barely accepts the salary they pay him because he has his own money! Those comments Matthew made really upset me because he does not know what he's talking about (ignorance) and he's putting hisself in a position for God to judge him because he's putting his mouth on this man. For wisdom sake to anyone if there is something about a man or woman of God that you don't like or think is right pray for them but do not judge them or speak on them openly because God will judge you! I'll tell anyone that this ministry is anointed and awesome this is a true man of God! If you want to know about Bishop Ben Gibert just google him and type in chrysler and you will see different things about this man and his time working in the auto industry! His wife also holds several degrees and has a book out and she is a True example of a Proverbs 31 woman! He kids honors and praises the both of them and they are not like other PK kids they really hold true to the things of God and is working in ministry whole heartedly.

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