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The one star was for Jennifer, the dispatcher. She's the only reason why the company even received a star. She's the best thing that the company has going for them. Very courteous, understanding and polite, even if she wasn't telling me what I WANTED to hear, she at least told me the truth. Here's the story: I needed a pick up AT 10 pm. I had a train to catch at 10:10, the station was exactly 1 mile away; a 3 minute drive according to google maps. The first night, my driver was on time (they dispatched him 30 minutes before my pick up time). He called me in the middle of my meeting telling me he was lost. I'm unfamiliar with the area, so I instructed him as well as I could. That should have been my first red flag. When he arrived, thank heaven I knew how to get to where I needed to go, because even with the address, he didn't know how to put it in his GPS. Second red flag. We arrived on time, so all was forgiven and I gave him a $2.50 tip. I needed a cab for the second night, so I called them again. I asked for the same driver because I figured "maybe this place is hard to find, let me go with someone who knows how to get here already." BIG mistake. He was late. I needed him there at ten, I called him at 9:57 to make sure he was finding his way alright (mind you, I called the cab company at 2 in the afternoon to make my reservation for 10 pm at night. So he had knowledge of his 10 pm pick up 8 hours in advance.) He says he's 5 minutes away. I tell him I have to be somewhere AT 10:10. Told him that the previous night, reminded him again. He shows up AT 10:10, causing me to miss my train, and the last bus of the night. The verdict: He took me near my house. Received what he would have made had he picked me up on time and I didn't miss my train. Got angry, called the cops (I beat him to it) and because he's such a jackass, pissed the cop off by talking over him. The cop's verdict: Everyone just needs to count their losses and call it a night. Fine with me. I'll never use that service again. I informed Jennifer of this, she said she understood, but that I technically would have to pay the man the full fare. I let the cop sort it out. Worked out fine for me. I was prepared to pay the full fare, but not without the cabbie understanding that you don't pick people up when you FEEL like it. You pick them up the time that they asked for. I do not remember his name, but if you do decide to use this service tell them you do not want the cabbie whose phone number ends in -7300.

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