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I hope this reaches you befor you decide to hire this firm. If you are injured in a car accident, please DO NOT use this firm. Each attorney and assistant I have been in contact with seem careless, but specifically Sandra Wadiche is pompous, arrogant, and rude. She has called both my husband and I names like pessimistic, gloom and doom, and impatient when we ask about steps, timeframes, actions taken,the worst case scenario, the best case scenario, her feelings on the case. We are forced to ask these things because I am simply left in the dark ALL the time because she sets no expectations, speaks in very non-specific general terms, and I leave each conversation feeling more confused, less informed, and more offended by her tone or name calling.. She gets irritated and the simplest of conversations or questions, and will remind you they have a strict policy of communicating with a client once per month. The communication you do get is very general and leaving you feeling even more confused, or as if the email was sent to simply meet that once per month commitment/ requirement with no real intention of a sincere update or information. I promise this leaves you feeling as if they could truly care less, that they are not persistent or as aggressive as they advertise, and that once you have a contract with them they can speak to you in the fashion in which they please because they know you cannot just jump ship when you are unhappy with their service, regardless of whether they have provided any or not. They will "lien" your case. Bottom line, this firm will lure you in, then once you sign a contract, they are too busy to answer questions, concerns, and when you speak with anyone about your concerns, you are treated as a nuisance. Upfront they will advise you to continue seeing physicians, taking therapy, etc. until you feel well or are released. When the bills pile up they act as if- oh well, until thy are paid you are responsible, and there is a good chance you could get stuck with them. This is the worst experience I have ever had with any company, or group of people. I sincerely wish I would have tried to work it out with the insurance company. Over a year later, I feel the circumstance is no better and perhaps worse than when I was first injured and trying to work with State Farm. If you contact this place, do not expect to ever even hear about or from a Wayne Wright. I do not even know if Wayne Wright actually even exists. Seriously, do not hire this firm- go to a smaller, more aggressive firm. Make sure the attorney you deal with respects your situation and your concerns. You will NOT get this from Sandra Wadiche. I am researching professional misconduct and I will probably contact the State Bar.

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