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Old Globe Theater
sonthert1 rated
I have attended the Old Globe ...

I have attended the Old Globe for 25 years. Same seats, same night, every night. We have never had a problem exchanging seats, as another reviewer wrote, nor had a problem with the Old Globe not holding our seats. I am going to stop short of giving the theater five stars. I'd give them a 7/10. The reason I would give the Old Globe 7/10 is the quality of the plays. For awhile, about 15 years ago, the Old Globe was Producing absolute crap, they were putting only three plays on a year in their normal rotation and they were leaning towards small appeal audiences, with multicultural emphases. They have more recently begun producing better and more widely appealing plays. They still seem mired in throwing at least one play in that has a more limited appeal, rather than focusing on the classics and new plays that are bound for greatness. They are still missing the mark in terms of their productions, in my opinion. They are hitting it much better than in years past, however. Some of the new plays are "Bound for Broadway" and they are trying the plays at local venues, like the Old Globe, before going to Broadway. Some have been great, like "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" starring John Lithgow. Absolutely fabulous. "Forever Plaid" was a well produced piece of theater, although I don't like musical live theater that much. On the other hand, the Old Globe put on "The Chita Rivera Story", which was written and starred...Chita Rivera. I could go on into specifics, but this play was "Bound for Broadway". The reviews for it in the local fish-wrapper (AKA Newspapers) were quite fulsome. We found the play to be self-serving tripe. It was clearly a pointless play that in the final analysis was essentially a woman trying to paint herself into popular culture. We walked out in the middle of the first act...which is the only time we have done that. A friend of mine who does production on Broadway later told me "The Chita Rivera Story" did indeed open on Broadway and close in a week. I understand trying to take a risk, but something about a tap-dancer starring in a biographical play makes me think "No mass appeal". She might be the greatest tap dancer of all time. It doesn't impinge on anybody's life...tap dancing is merely a footnote in our culture. Now, the producers of the Old Globe Don't see things the same way. They think everybody should watch a play about a tap dancer. This is the perfect illustration about them producing plays that don't have mass appeal. Some other favorite plays of mine they have produced were Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men" starring the late David Huffman (killed on the night of the wrap party in San Diego, 1985) and Larry Drake. Additionally, "Boeing, Boeing" was quite good from 2009 and a lesser known Maugham play which name escapes me at this point. The Old Globe essentially seems to be still putting on two or three plays a year and having one or two hosted there of dubious origin. the plays, overall, are getting better on average, but they're lacking the really big, great performances they had in the three play format. That about sums it up: 7/10 currently for the Old Globe. At one time it could have been 9/10 and as low as 5/10, so 7/10 ain't that bad.

Artifex Entertainment
d0nqu1x0te rated
Alas, the balls have not dropped.

Okay, so there's been a lot of positive feedback here for Artifex, and a lot of great responses for one Kelly, who, according so the supposed "Mark-Yugioh-World" is a bad employee. Now, his improper use of grammar and the English language aside. Why young Mark, why? Perhaps, at your middle school, where braces are still attractive on 13 year old girls, and NRB's (oh you know what I'm talking about) occur at an abounding rate, hence the first two letters standing for "No Reason" (I'll let you fill in the rest) I think somewhere in that rage of hormonal imbalances, the Devil, with his dirty hands, guided you to Artifex comics one day with, of all people, your father. The store is a place of angels, but you and your father brought your Demonry inside. (This Demonry could be in part that your Dad is playing in these tournaments too? I'm not sure...if he never lets you win, it's Demonry.) But I digress. In your fit of unruliness, the Devil forced words out of your mouth I'm sure you don't remember speaking. You have written, "do you have any additional singles from the new Pokemon series?" But I disbelieve your claims child. I think 'twould be more accurate to say the words spake by thou were along the lines as following; "Sniveling boy! Fetch me my scythe, for the souls of young Pokemon card players belong to me, and only you know that this scythe of mine can take their everlasting spirits and throw them into the powers of my pikachu! And by the by cretin, dost thou have, perchance, any additional singles for the new Pokemon series?" TO WHICH the faithful and dutiful employee, Kelly, responded to your demonic request the only way he could, a plain and simple "No." LACKING! the exclamation point you so placed, COINCIDENTALLY, next to your writing of his response. You are WRONG good sir! 'Twas the Devil speaking and not you! Now is your time to write another response to ask forgiveness from the powers that be. Artifex will always stand, but you, in the throws of pre-pubescent psychosis, allowed yourself to succumb to the devil, better known to the ancients as pachemekonin, more well known today as, you guessed it dearest, POKEMON! Pokemon has possessed you. I think you would have had some wits about you dear lad, were you a bit older, and a wee more in tune with your hormonal balances, but, Alas! The balls have not dropped. Do you know what happens every time you say a bad thing about people young Mark-Yugioh-World? Seventy nine baby Pichu's all over the world drop DEAD. And one evee.

Villainous Lair Comics
chuckl1962 rated
Villainous Lair comics is good...

Villainous Lair comics is good at being bad. Sexy supervillains lure you in from the street hand-painted by co-owner Sara Swieca. Once inside Sara or co-owner, Chris Mitchell, are quick to greet you and welcome you to their lair. You don’t have to buy anything. There are always some people around playing a CCG (Collectable card game) such as Magic, Pokemon or YuGiOh . Epic Nerd conversations are welcome, challenge their geek lore. Both of the owners have years of experience in the business and a lifetime in the community and have fostered an atmosphere that is neither home nor work, but a place to hang out. Peruse their extensive subscription news rack for the latest issues, dig through their boxes and boxes of back issues or check out their graphic novels. Local artists are welcome to display their work or offer it on a consignment basis. Toys and merchandise are available including Comic Con exclusives. Don’t even think about buying the life-size Yoda. Sara has had it since she was a child, and it was cast from the original mold. Community is more than a word to the villains here. They are fundraising for baby Leia, a local child stricken with an expensive but curable illness. They have a program for soldiers where if you pay for or donate comics they pay for the shipping overseas for these and other care packages. They also work with Wounded Warrior and Toys for Tots as well as other programs. There are free movie screenings, panels, parties, workshops (for things like zombie makeup on a budget), and soon: CCG tournaments. If they don’t seem that evil for villains you may be right. But if you suddenly don’t feel so well after a visit, you may have to come back for another dose of antidote.

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