You're Going to Need a Bigger Lens
It's not a bird, nor a plane. It's a shark actually. A sand tiger shark to be more specific. And it could be found gracefully gliding about four feet above my head a few weeks ago.

Was I shark cage diving in the deep waters off the Atlantic coast? No. I was safely scrolling about 1 mph on a moving walkway at SeaWorld in San Diego, Calif., when I snapped this shot.

Granted, I didn't earn it. When someone presents such a photo, one hopes it comes with a story about almost getting eaten and a quick, slippery getaway. Shark Week fodder.

Not me. As I stood there ... scrolling ... I marveled at this prehistoric predator, looking straight into the belly of the beast -- from inside the viewing tunnel at Shark Encounter. An awesome experience. And definitely my best picture of the year.

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