The Inspiration for 'The Shining'

Total Spook Factor: Most famously known as the setting for the Overlook Hotel in 'The Shining', the Stanley Hotel boasts spookdom all its own, even without the help of Stephen King. Figures watching guests in beds and running off, sounds of partiers in the ballroom when no one's there, the hotel's piano playing by itself, shadows or faces peek-a-booing into hallways or doorways, haunted rooms... Ooh, dang spooky.

Take a Tour: The Stanley Hotel Historic Ghost Tours are so popular the hotel recommends you book your tour reservation at least a week or two beforehand. Tours include stops by room #217 (the room that inspired Stephen King's 'The Shining'), stories of the many ghost sightings throughout the hotel, and a walk through an underground tunnel. Ghost fans also might love attending the annual Shining Ball, a costume party held in the famously haunted ballroom every year around Halloween.

Plan a Paranormal Investigation: For your own personal investigation, ask for a room popular with ghost hunters and bring small portable electronic devices to do your own ghost busting. Please be mindful of not disturbing other guests with camera flashes and any beeping gear. If you're a larger group or have serious equipment, please contact the hotel directly and inquire about doing a more formal investigation. In the past, the hotel has hosted televised investigations by Syfy's "Ghost Hunters" and the Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" teams.

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