Snow Day #6: Take Air Snow Kiting

Colorado Kite Force
Silverthorne, CO - More Details
Often helping snow tourists break into the new sport, Colorado Kite Force offers snow kiting lessons at the Dillon Reservoir, not far from the popular ski resorts in Keystone and Breckenridge. Newbies start out on smaller kites -- so no worries of going prematurely airborn -- and within a few hours can learn to maneuver, glide and properly control their sail. Although snow kiters can "fly" on skis or snowboards, on skis is usually easier for beginners. After properly completing an inaugural lesson, new kiters can receive "pilot certification," which is required to rent a snow kite and take sail alone. (Photos courtesy of Colorado Kite Force)

Grand Haven, MI - More Details
You don't have to go to the Rockies or Big Sky Country to snow kite. MACkite offers snow kiting lessons and two-day camps just a short drive from Grand Rapids, or a few hours from metro Chicago. Newbies need only to bring helmets and skis or snowboards. MACkite takes care of the necessary kiting equipment. Two-hour intro ground lessons, which cost about a hundred dollars, "cover kite setup, safety, launching, landing, wind window and basic flying skills."